Sticks n Sushi

We were enjoying the April sun in Greenwich with one of our Japanese VIPs who was craving sushi..

She saw Sticks n Sushi so we ventured in.

First thing this is not your Japanese traditional sushi.. This is fusion care of Copenhagen.

First thing you’ll notice is this place is fashion.. It’s designed. Not the simple sushi .. 

This is a place for a date or to show off. It’s a place you can celebrate and easily spend a fortune .. And still leave hungry.

The sticks are definitely the focus.. Yakitori.. There are a range for every tastebud. One of the founders was trained in Yakitori in Japan were told and this comes over.

This duck plate with Caesar / wasabi sauce was very good. Very moorish. 

The charcoal sushi a great twist (pine charcoal powder for those interested).

They are on a roll with new venues opening in Cambridge and more to come.

This is definitely a step up from Yo Sushi and if you want to celebrate or show off to a date .. sticks and sushi would be a good place .. Just note that the staff are trained meaning.. You’ll be pointed to the specials starting from £25 and up..

Why mention the price.. Well there was a feeling of show over substance.

As a business it thrives.

As a great value amazing food .. Must go back.. Our experience (not our first) remains half and half.

The smaller secret sushi haunts we love .. And we love flamboyant displays.

We had a great talk with one of the newer management .. And The menu is being changed.. Made more intelligent and less .. Look how Danish beats British.
Over all a confusing experience .. Somewhere between Aqua and the mega chains.

The designer loo icons, stylish dark layout .. All a plus.

As for the future .. Fingers crossed 

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